Triathlete/User Researcher/Designer


I am a UX Design Researcher specialized in catalyzing empathy between my teams and our users. I do this by designing and facilitating research methods that unlock co-creation with users , engage my teammates, and make researching together a fundamental part of company culture. I enable my teams to have constant access to user insights, which allows them to iterate and innovate quickly and to become true champions of their users.

I have worked as a researcher for 7+ years, most recently at companies such as Nike, OneFit, WHOOP and Reebok.

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How might we create a free trial to acquire and engage members in new markets?

empathy is the most important design tool

My Approach.


Qualitative Research

Valuable products and services are designed around an enriched understanding of people and their needs. Working together with product and design teams I develop qualitative user research strategies to address business goals. 

I use methods  such as, ethnographic studies, contextual interviews,  that enrich my team’s understanding of where our product and service can add value in the lives of our users. By connecting with people and exploring their lives together, we cultivate empathy and inform and inspire direction for product development.


Design & prototype

I link research to the innovation process by facilitating  engaging group workshops and Design Sprints that result in “sense-making” mechanisms such as customer journey maps, business model canvases and value propositions, Jobs-to-Be-Done, and user stories. 

These outputs allow us to begin to define the tasks and actions of our users which then direct user experience and interaction design. I make the resulting ideas and concepts into tangible artifacts using anything from wireframes, to low fidelty-prototypes in Figma. 


Quantitative data

To test and evaluate both concepts throughout their evolvement from early stage to launch (and beyond!) I use quantitative methods such as surveys, heat mapping analysis, A/B testing, usability tests to evaluate the success of the concept for both user and business. 

 I partner with Data Science teammates to triangulate the user engagement metrics with user research findings, resulting in data storytelling to provide the business with further areas for optimization within the user experience.


From my Teams.

Emma is an incredible self-starter with a voracious appetite for knowledge - traits that served her well as she grew to be a true asset in Product Management at WHOOP. Never one to shy away from unfamiliar territory, she was an invaluable component of the product team's approach to unravel and tackle complex customer problems. Her organized approach to gathering user feedback provided the context necessary to make product prioritization decisions, and her initiative and ability to communicate across functions helped move key features from requirements to delivery.
Matt Kowalski
Product Manager WHOOP
Emma has truly amazed me in the time we worked together at Nike. She has blown me away by her passion for user research and endless drive for (personal) growth. I was looking for someone who could pragmatically help us getting valuable insights from consumers and store employees. In parallel, the goal was to iterate and innovate quickly. Test & learn fast and provide all stakeholders valuable outcomes in the right media format. Emma helped us in creating this muscle. Her drive and knowledge has changed mindsets and culture in the retail product space.
Jorik Dopmeijer
Product Manager Nike

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