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I am a UX Design Researcher specialized in defining product strategy in rapidly growing businesses and building early stage prototypes during conception.

I have worked at companies such as Nike, OneFit, WHOOP and Reebok, and began my research journey in scientific institutions where I was a member of teams at Boston Children’s Center, the University of Minnesota, and EMGO Institute for Health & Care Research.

Over the years I have been on projects including: the growth of a free-before school physical activity program, the launch of a fitness wearable and health analytics app, apps that provide multi-studio sports memberships, and scaling digital app experiences in retail stores. 

I have conducted UX research in 10 countries across 5 languages.

My Background

UX & Design Researcher.

My Why

I love being a User Researcher because I feel I get to be a detective, explorer, journalist and lawyer all in one! I thrive in unearthing people’s needs, abilities and motivations, observing behaviors and interactions, storytelling insights, and advocating for the end users’ interests.


I studied Political Science with a concentration in Community and Global Health at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating in 2014 I worked for a few years in Boston before moving to Amsterdam. There I completed a MSc in Marketing at the VU Amsterdam. I have a 6 Week Growth Hacking certification from Growth Tribe

Recent Roles

Mostly recently I led Design Research for Nike in EMEA. Prior to being recruited for Nike I was at OneFit where I led User Research, having created the function after beginning at the frontline of customer experience as a Community Success Specialist. While in Boston I was an Associate Product Manager at WHOOP.

Empathy Is The Most Important Design Tool

My Approach.


Qualitative Research

Working together with product teams I develop qualitative user research strategies to address business goals. Valuable products and services are designed around people and their needs. Therefore I use methods  such as ethnographic studies, contextual interviews,  that enrich my team’s understanding of where our product and service can add value in the lives of our users. By connecting with people and exploring their lives together, we cultivate empathy and inform and inspire direction for product development.



I link research to the innovation process by facilitating  engaging group workshops and Design Sprints that result in “sense-making” mechanisms such as customer journey maps, business model canvases and value propositions, Jobs-to-Be-Done, and user stories. These outputs allow us to begin to define the tasks and actions of our users which then direct user experience and interaction design. I make the resulting ideas and concepts into tangible artifacts using anything from wireframes, to low fidelty-prototypes in Figma. 


Quantiative Research

To test and evaluate both concepts throughout their evolvement from early stage to launch (and beyond!) I use quantitative methods such as surveys, heat mapping analysis, A/B testing, usability tests to evaluate the success of the concept for both user and business. I partner with Data Science teammates to triangulate the user engagement metrics with user research findings to assess further areas for optimization within the user experience.

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Besides UX Research & Design I am an avid endurance athlete and book worm!


I have run 7 marathons. The Amsterdam Marathon was my PR with a time of 2:59:31 which earned me 7th place in the Dutch National Championship.


I love filling bookcases. Mostly with design, business, sport and behavioral psychology books. Some favorites include: Why We Sleep, Quiet, Endure, Stealing Fire, Grit.


I am currently training for my first Ironman. I dedicate 13-18 hours per week to training between cycling, running, swimming, yoga and strength.

More books

As well as anything by Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek, Nir Eyal, Dan & Chip Heath, and Jonah Berger.